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One of the greatest American essayist, lecturer, and poet in the mid- 19 century- Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Each age, it is found, must write its own books; or rather, each generation for the next succeeding”. In each stage of times, many things would change; Technology, transportation, convenience, even people’s thoughts would be change cause by the time. For instance, if you ask a simple question for example like, “what’s one thing that you cannot live without? “to a grandfather and his grandson, the answer from both of them will be two different points and ideas. The grandfather might say, my family, as his answer, however, the grandson would answer cellphone or my computer. The generations are changing into more independent and open mode. The modern time and the ancient time are so different, and some of the periods in ancient time are very significant and important, but people can’t denied that people who live in the modern period have more abilities and more facilities than to live in the ancient period. My parent was born around 1960s and I was born in 1990s. The technology will be the one of the important change between these times. During the time when my parent grown up, there was only phone in each house in order for people who contact with each other. When my parent were students, we can see how inconvenience it was in that time. Therefore if they wanted to call their friends, it would be hard and difficult to find the other side that they wanted to contact with. On the other hand, during my childhood, we already had the cellphone and the computer. If I want to call my friend, I can just call no matter where they are, or, we can even contact each other from the computer at home. Now, the computers even have the webcam in the Msn, Skype etc. not only we can talk and see your friends near you, but also your family and friends throughout the whole

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