Childcare Level 3 Essay

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I entered the classroom where Becky was working with half the class counting ‘elephants’. She had all the children’s attention and she was talking to them at their level of understanding. She used praise effectively keeping them on task and boosting their confidence. She gave the children choices such as, “Would you like a big or small number?” She used her fingers, holding up the correct number to aid the children in their counting. When she had completed the activity she informed the teacher and asked if she could take a small group of children outside the classroom to read her planned story. Becky said that she would not be putting the children’s names on the plan for the story, just their initials, to ensure confidentiality. She told me that she would be reading the story to a small group of children and to avoid distractions and misunderstandings she would be reading to the children in a quiet area outside the classroom. Becky led her group of 6 children quietly outside the classroom and asked them to sit on the carpet. She positioned herself so all the children could see the book she was going to read to them. She introduced the book about a character who was getting dressed. Becky had considered the learning intention to support the children in the sequencing of getting dressed in the morning. Becky read the story clearly and in an animated manner injecting it with appropriate humour for the children’s enjoyment and to maintain their concentration on the book. She asked questions, such as “How do I put it on?”, this provoked a response and encouraged the children’s communication skills. She suggested that the children acted out putting the different items of clothing on. A child got up and started to wander off, Becky firmly asked her to sit down, ‘please’, until the story had finished. The story prompted questions from the children as well as opportunity

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