Childcare Level 3 Essay

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E3) Early recognition of development delay and impairment are important as it may be able to stop it becoming a SEN and give help on what the child needs and improve on it as soon as it’s recognised. Staff may be able to get training for more support and help by observing and recognising this and give the help needed and this may help make jobs easier. The help and support from the childs parents would also benefit as they provide all t he information from home, how the child is on certain activities like moving about n how they are with reading writing, drawing. With barriers removed the child feels as if they have more confidence and they are not left out in the setting, which give them more self esteem and a good wellbeing about them self and their own ability to work and move on with the development. When the child has the opportunity to have early recognition of a developmental delay or impairment it gives them more time to get child support in place and this may prevent further delay as the child would be getting all help required, and this then identifies the main need of support for the child. This then stops the child from getting behind other children and helping them feel as part of the setting. By adapting activities to suit needs the child get the full support they need and recognises any activity the struggle with and their strong n weak points and the setting then can get help with strategies to be put into place to help the

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