Childcare Level 3 Essay

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Task 1 Within health & safety there are lots of different pieces of legislation that support it. These pieces of legislation are health and safety act of 1974, Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) regulations 1994, Riddor (1995), Food safety regulations 1995 and health and safety (first aid) regulations (1981ammended 1997). The health and safety at work act 1974 gives us the legal responsibilities. The employers have to meet rules of the regulation of the act to ensure the work place is safe within a childcare and education settings, this says that we have to ensure that the building is in a good condition, the building and surrounding area should be clean and safe, The equipment must be safe and stored correctly and that we must promote health and safety with the children. The health and safety act also covers the safe guarding which covers the employees and to ensure they are safe, that substances are stored correctly by safe guarding we check the ratios to adult to children and that all staff will have CRB checks done. COSHH is about the substances that can make people ill and how they are meant to be stored and used properly. These products could be cleaning products, chemicals and paints. Any dangerous products must have a label on them to show people that they are dangerous. These products must be locked away and kept in special containers. “The control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) regulations 2002 state that substances which can make people ill or injure them must be stored and used properly. Some examples of hazardous things are cleaning liquids, paint and chemicals. Any potentially dangerous materials must have a label on them which shows that they are dangerous. They must be kept in special containers and stored in locked cupboards (tassoni, p, 2007, pg 162) Riddor is about reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous

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