Childcare Assignment 023

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Assignment 023 Understand Child and young person development (B2) Cognitive Development The idea behind cognitive development is that a child thinks differently to an adults for instance an adult knows a cup of coffee is hot due to the boiling water added a child may know it is hot and not to touch once they have been told to do so but they may not understand why it is hot. The idea that children think differently to adults is common knowledge today but revolutionised the way we understood child development in the early 1900’s. Cognitive development is used in everyday practices all the time with basic things like helping the child to eat as they do not understand how to do it yet, it is also used by only giving children simple instructions such as can u find the ball where as if you where asking an adult to do the same task you may say can you find me the red ball with the blue dots i last saw it in the garden by the shed but if you where to ask a child the same way they will not be able to process it all and may become confused. Psychoanalytical theory The Psychoanalytical theory is the idea that children’s future behaviour is influenced by experiences they have during their childhood such as if a child is exposed to violence and drug abuse throughout their childhood they become de sensitised to it and think of it as a part of everyday life and the chances of them becoming violent towards others or drug abusers is significantly increased due to the fact that they consider it a normal part of life because they were around it and saw it happen on many occasions. If a child is given a ‘normal’ childhood and has many positive experiences they are more likely to become a solid member of the community and grow up to be successful and happy. This theory is also used in everyday life as parents/careers/teachers and most people try to protect children from the
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