Childcare and Education Level 3, Unit 1 -

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Unit 1 – An Introduction to Working with Children E1 and E2 – There are three different types of sectors which provide care and education for children aged up to 16 years old. The three sectors are statutory, voluntary and private. Statutory sector is everything that has to be available for children. This is a service that is provided by the government after a law has been passed by parliament. This type of service includes things such as childcare, health care, education, social work, leisure and recreation services. All statutory services support children and their families by offering a free service of health care, childcare and education etc. They make sure that every child gets what they are entitled to no matter what their family circumstance. Social workers etc. help families that are in trouble, and are also free of charge for everyone. A statutory service that is provided in my area is Tiny Turners nursery. They have full day care available for breakfast time, after school and holiday care which supports parents whenever they may need help. The nursery has a healthy menu which goes along with the “Every Child Matters” (ECM) with one of the 5 outcomes of “stay healthy”. The voluntary sector is provided by organizations such as charities. Things such as Guides, Brownies, Scouts and Youth clubs are voluntary services as they don’t receive money from the government and they don’t have to be provided. A voluntary service which is in my area is Girl Guiding. Girl guiding is the largest voluntary organization for young woman and girls with over half a million members, including 100,000 trained volunteer adult leaders and supporters. This voluntary service supports children and their families as it is free for the children to enjoy themselves while learning at the same time. All voluntary services support families and children by asking for only a small
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