Childcare and Education

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Unit 025 Outcome 5 3 Explain how to support a child or young person and/or their family when bullying is suspected or alleged. When someone is being bullied it is important to remember that they will be hurt and upset. You must listen to them carefully and take what they say seriously. You also need to listen to the child, and be sensitive as they may be embarrassed. Always reassure a child or young person that it is not their fault that this is happening. No-one deserves to be bullied, and it’s important to know that you should believe everything that they say. If an older child is being bullied then they could write down what has happened if they feel that they cannot talk about it. It is always good to get as much information of the incident as possible. If a child or young person does confide in you, you must remember that they have to be told that it can’t be kept a secret and that it has to be reported to the appropriate person. As bullying can be upsetting informing the victim what will happen next can be reassuring for them. Supporting the victim through this can help them feel better within themselves. Don’t let them think that they are alone. Parents or carers can struggle to cope if their child is a victim of bullying. Some parents or carers have to deal with the fact that their child is the bully. This can be upsetting for them too. Discussing what has happened with them can help deal with what will happen next. It can provide a plan on how to deal with the child’s behaviour. It is also important to listen to the parents or carers for them to discuss how they feel about the situation. Sharing information with the parents on how to deal with bullying can help them all to cope with the situation. On the internet there are sites on bullying to help people. Sites like Bullying UK, Child line, and NSPCC are there to help. Parents and carers could feel
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