Childcare Essay

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A New Start I love saying this: “The grass is greener on the other side.” That means to me, that we believe that life in places different from where we reside is for some reason a better place. I have tried to be content with the place where I have lived throughout my life-a small country town on the east coast. However, due to circumstances, I started to think about changing my career and move to another area. While living in a small town, I discovered that the most annoying factors for me was the bugs, flies, and the smell of chicken and hog farms in the air. People on my end of the world know what I’m talking about. It’s a very terrible smell. Since it’s a small town everybody knows everybody. That can be good and bad in some ways. The UPS or FedEx guys only deliver during the week so don’t expect to get any packages on Saturday, which is a normal mailing day. I don’t know the reason but they just don’t deliver on Saturdays. “Why?” Guess I’m on the wrong end of the country. The place I choose to live will be calm and want be stressful or polluted. From my early childhood, I loved mountains. I went to the Applachin Mountains with my parents for the first time. It literally shocked me by the greatness and glamour of nature and the amazing feeling of freedom. There was fresh air, no turkey smell, no overwhelming infestation of flies and sand fleas. Since that time, I visit on an annual basis. I sometimes walk up the mountain and look down and say, “Why cant it be this peaceful in the country?” “Can a person who stays on the mountain really not like it?” I don’t think so. I was battling over my decision for a couple more months. During this time, I had to put my ducks in a row. “What about my occupation, income, and communication?” I thought of other places like California and Denver. But after a lot of thought and consideration, I

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