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1.3 Explain how all areas of development are interconnected. Introduction: In this peice of work it shows how the areas of developments are connceted to eachother. How each step of development links with the next. P-Physical: Crying, Reflex’s- Blinking, Moro Reflex a startling relfex which makes them jump at something that frightens then, Palmar Grasp Reflex is that you will notice your baby instantly closing their fingers around your finger and other objects, Babinski, The Babinski reflex occurs after the sole of the foot has been firmly stroked. The big toe then moves upward or toward the top surface of the foot. The other toes fan out. They need time to move about, time on there back to strenthen their back muscles. They then start crawling, shuffling on their bottom then holding onto funiture for 2-3 weeks which progresses to taking their first step,after a few weeks they build up their confidence which is linked to emotional development to start to walk. I-Intellectual: Knowing: Visual- They can only see a short distance, they like looking at bold colors it attracts their attention, they love to play with toys that have bold colors. They start to smile and has an amazement with faces, they start to recognise ones that are their all the time. Hearing- They can hear before they are born although this isn’t a fact. They like rhythmic sounds as in heart beats, they like to explore different sounds, vocalise and make noises which is linked to language because they are speeking and using their mind to pick up the art of speeking.They spit food out if they don’t like it which is linked to sences.Picks things up, repeated works beginning to reason. Figuring out the world through scences. L-Language: Language is very much linked to social and emotinal development, you need all three to communicate and under stand to have feelings such as trust, fear, pride,

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