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DESCRIBE THE QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE NEEDED FOR WORK IN ONE OCCUPATION IN THE E.C.C.E SECTOR. PRE-SCHOOL MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS: The early childhood and education scheme(free preschool year) states that from June 2012 the pre-school manager of a service must have a minimum qualification of a FETEC level 5 certificate in Childcare. A FETEC level 5 Certificate is considered a baseline requirement for people working in services participating in the E.C.C.E. schemes. The aim of this course is to provide the participant with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to work with young children and their families in the E.C.C.E. It enables participants to develop further competence and confidence in their work and to provide a high quality early years service. It is comprised of 8 modules all of which must be completed to obtain a full award. The range of modules touches on and explores all aspects of working with children, parents and other staff members. A range of assessment techniques are used that include – assessment work, skills demonstrations and examinations. Yje structure is broken down as follows: Mandatory modules(all 4 modules must be completed to gain a full award plus communications and work experience) * Child development * Early childhood education and play * Child heaslth and wellbeing * Early care and education practice * Communications * Work experience 2 Elective modules To be selected from the CAS childcare 5M2009 component list. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Most preschool managers must have between 2 and 5 years experience working in the E.C.C.E. setting before applying for a managers job. They must have experience working in the following areas of childcare: * Financial * Administration * Regulations * Roster making * People management skills * Problem solving *

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