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The purpose of this essay is to show that there are significant policy developments between the years 1991 and 2012 that are relevant to partnerships with families and early childcare and education in Ireland. Many people think that early childhood is mainly consisted of one document but they are wrong. Early childhood is about many documents. The policy documents that I think are important to early childhood education can be found in the primary trajectory of my policy map. For the last decade and if not more their has been many different policy documents published e.g aistear 2009. All of these policy documents were designed to ensure that the quality of early childcare practices are maintained and are kept at a high standard to ensure the best possible education for the young children of Ireland. These policy documents all link back to Bronfenbrenner’s theory. Bronfenbrenner talks a lot about the ecological systems. This ecological theory consists of four systems that together, all shape development. The microsystem is the immediate environment where a person is operating for example, family. The Mesosystem is two microsystems coming together and interacting. The exosystem is the environment, which the child is not involved in but nonetheless the child is affected by it anyway for example, the child’s parent’s workplace.)“The macrosystem consists of cultural values, laws, customs and resources. The priority that the macrosystem gives to children’s needs affects the support they receive at innermost levels of the environment.”(Lyons 2005, p. 29) References * Lyons, C., (2005) Introduction to Developmental Psychology, Pearson Education Limited, Harlow; pp 27 -

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