Childcare Essay

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D3. A childminder is someone you pay to look after your child along with other children. It is different to a nursery nurse because the childminder will care for the children in their own home. The role of a childminder is to provide consistent one-to-one care to each child as they are all individuals and have different needs to one another. A childminder has to make sure they form a stable ongoing relationship with the child. Starting from birth or when ever the parents decide to register their child with the childminder. A childminder has to be flexible in their work, as the parents will decide what time they want to pick up and drop off their child. The childminder will provide care in their home just like any other childcare setting would. They will plan activities of thing to do for each day, for example, the child minder and the younger children take part in activities such as the park, baking cookies and finger painting even trips to the zoo which would help educate the children. The childminder will help the child and family by providing a safe and secure home setting. The childminder must be registered and inspected by the office for standards in education (OFSTED) before they have permission to work with children the childminder will provide daily activities that will be fun and educational for the child. Therefore the child will be having fun and the parents will know their child is

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