Childcare Essay

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E1 Schools are in the statutory sector, as they are funded by the government. Nelson T 2008. These provide a service for all children aged 4-18. The service is free so all can go. No one is rejected because of any race, religion or disability. Nursery schools are the same, but children can go from 3 years, depending on their birthday. Children centres are also funded by the government, they provide a free service for families mainly with children under 5, and this service provides support and activities for both the parent and the child. Lime Tree Children’s Centre, Leaflet 2011 p 2. Banardos is a charity, therefore in the voluntary sector, this means all money that they receive is through funding or donations, this can be done through shops, fundraisers and public funding. The staff at Banardos receive no pay therefore are voluntary. The voluntary sector is not profit based, only the children who the charity supports benefits from the income of money. In Banardos case all the money raised is put towards for children who are orphaned, in foster care or in the care system for any reason. Toddler groups are also voluntary as all money made goes towards running the service that is provided for the parents and children. Child-minder’s and sometimes Nannies are in the private sector, this means there purely profit based, and all money made goes to the child-minders or nanny. Private child-minders get paid by the parent, they can charge how they like, hourly, weekly and sometimes monthly, nannies are mainly paid monthly but still depending on the hours they work. The government does not fund child-minders but they do have to be registered and all have to be Ofsted inspected, this is mainly to protect the child, nannies do not have to be Ofsted inspected but do need to be CRB checked. E2 Funding by the government means families who may not be

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