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Childcare Essay

  • Submitted by: torie
  • on July 31, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Torie Tucker
April 22, 2008
Child Care
Each morning, all over the world, parents wake up, get themselves as well as their kids dressed and ready to go, and then drop them off at daycare. Sometimes it might seem as if it is not the best idea. It isn’t a bad idea either. Rules and regulations are set in place to ensure that the children are well taken care of. There are policies on the number of caregivers versus the number of children, so each one gets an adequate amount of attention. The interior of the center must be child proof meeting minimum state requirements. The day care must be safe for a child of any age. They are also required to be kept clean and well sanitized because infants and toddlers are prone to sickness.
Some families choose to send their child to a close one or even a nanny. Daycares are more a reliable source of childcare than a relative or a friend. With a day care center, one can be certain that someone is always going to be there to take care of their child as opposed to a home daycare where there is no back up if the provider becomes sick. It is guaranteed that a child will be highly supervised from the moment they step in the door until they are leave at the end of the day. Although, it is more convenient to simply drop a kid off at their cousins at flexible hours, it might not be in the best interest of the child. In a center the staff is sure to be educated in early childhood education. They have adequate training and usually enjoy doing there job.
Children that attend childcare are more advanced in some areas. Those who are in centers with providers who interact with the kids have less behavior problems. They become better at communicating and build a healthier vocabulary. A child in daycare is able to receive a jump start on the lesson of social skills. They meet other children their age, and learn to develop a relationship. They learn about sharing, and manners, cooperation, and to respect one another. Their...

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