Child & Young Person Development Chart

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT MILESTONE CHART AGE PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL INTELLECTUAL COMMUNICATION Birth & First Month Rooting reflex. Lies in fetal position with knees tucked up. Unable to raise head. Reacts to sudden sound. Arms and legs will open and back will arch if startled. Closes eyes to bright light. Opens eyes when held in an upright position. Eyes will close and open again to sudden visual stimulus. Usually calms down when picked up. May enjoy being cuddled. Enjoys sucking thumb/fingers/dummy. Bonds with mother. Smiles at mother. Beginning to develop concepts e.g. becomes aware of physical sensations such as hunger. Explores using senses. Make eye contact and cry to indicate need. Gazes at patterns, particularly contrasts (black on white) and face patterns. Startled at loud sounds. Silences to soft rhythmic sounds. Turns their head towards carer’s/an adult’s voice. Has several cries for different reasons. Cries energetically for their needs to be met. Grunts and squeaks when content. Will take it in turns to vocalise with their carer. May imitate a carer’s expressions – such as poking out the tongue 3-6 months Pelvis is flat when lying down. Lower back is still weak. Back and neck firm when held sitting. Grasps objects placed in hands. Turns head round to have a look at objects. Establishes eye contact. Can lift head and shoulders. Transfers objects from one hand to the other. Pulls self up to sit and sits erect Exhibits pleasure, particularly with familiar routines. Dislikes anger in others. Responds to family members. Takes stuff to mouth. Increasing interest in surroundings. Interest in toys. Finds feet. Becomes attached to parents. Follows direction of moving objects. Beginning to vocalise. Smile in response to speech. with supports. Rolls from side to side. 6-9 months Sits unsupported. Grasps with thumb and index
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