Child Welfare Essay

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1.1-Explain the welfare requirements and guidance of the relevant early year’s framework: In our setting we should safeguard and promote children and young people’s welfare. We must take steps to ensure that we promote good health of all children within out care and that we prevent the spread of infection from others when they are ill. We must also ensure that there are suitable staff and staffing levels are appropriate to ensure the safety of all the children. The premises and environment and equipment must be suitable to cater for children, including outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture. Equipment and toys must be safe and suitable for the children in our care and be in the correct age stage. Safeguarding, admissions and settlings in policies must be kept up to date, and all staff must read and be aware of policies and procedures. As practitioners we should be aware of nutritional needs and plan healthy meals and snacks for children and be able to advise parents should you be asked. We should also be aware of portion could and portion sizes, children can become overweight on healthy foods if given too much. Every setting should have routines that should reflect the needs of the children. All routines should allow times for sleep and rest, and for outdoor play. Routines should also be flexible to allow children, especially older ones, time to finish their work and tasks. Under the EYFS practitioners observe children at play and physical play, this shows us if and what new skills they are learning and that their development if growing, it also enables us to see if a child needs a little more support in certain areas. With the Early Years Framework we work closely with parents, we learn about the child’s needs and are able to provide and offer support and advice on sleep, nutrient and toilet training. The welfare requirements were brought in in September 2008 as

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