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Visit 3 – Play Dough For my third visit I plan to do an activity using Play-Doh, this activity is not related to my main task of creative play in a significant way, but it does include a few creative aspects. I am hoping that Jaiden will enjoy this activity as much as the others and help to promote his development in certain areas. First of all I will make sure that all the equipment is laid out for Jaiden before the activity is started, this will save time and not decrease Jaiden’s attention as he may become bored as well as frustrated whilst I organise the equipment. I know that I will need to be patient with Jaiden and have a calm and positive attitude to ensure that we both get the best from this activity. The interview that I did with Jaiden’s Mother has helped me sufficiently when planning my activity. This acitivity will help Jaiden’s development through PIES, although I do not think that all four will be included or play a large part within th development. I think that physical, intellectual and social development will be included but I do not think that emotional development will be as important throughout this activity so I aim to concentrate on three areas of development and also cognitive devlopment. A Play-Doh activity will encourage physical development due to the constant use of the hands during this activity. Mainly focusing on fine motor skills when Jaiden is using his hands to ubnderstand the texture of the Play-Doh and the different things he can do with it. From my research I found from ‘eHow’ that children could practice skills such as pinching, squeezing or poking while they play with the dough. This is extremely useful and most definitely relevant to this activity so I will need to look out for these motions when observing the activity. However, gross motor skills will not be used as much in this activity because of the

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