Child Soldiers in Uganda

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Child Soldiers in Uganda The Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel war group in Uganda, is a major part of the ongoing twenty-year war and is responsible for abducting and brainwashing children to become sufficient killing machines. These actions have left people disheveled and worrisome for their children. Parents with children in Uganda live in government camps ridden with disease, poverty and starvation to avoid attacks from the Lords Resistance Army and hope that their children won’t be abducted. Parents with abducted children hope for their children to return, but these children now have a new family. If abducted children are able to manage a successful escape, they tend to have a hard time living as a part of the community again. The following essay will explain the historical context, government camps, abducted children, traumatized children and compare the nature of child abduction between Uganda and North America. These points will be achieved by examples and statistics such as: the shocking percentages of child soldiers, lost lives, and displaced families, and personal experience from people helping these poor families. For the past 23 years, Uganda has been a war zone between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan Government because of a woman named Alice Lakwena. In the 1980’s Alice Lakwena was convinced that the Holy Spirit had spoken to her and ordered her to conquer the government. Lakwena claims the government was being prejudice against the Acholi. The Holy Spirit Movement, lead by Lakwena, gained momentum as bitterness increased toward the government. Lakwena was later exiled, which left her movement with no leader. Joseph Kony declared that he was Lakwena’s cousin and so took over the movement. He transformed the movement into a rebel army called Lord’s Resistance Army (also known as the LRA). As a result of the lack of support for the LRA from

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