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Katressia Brathwaite English Nov 28th, 2011 Mr. Baty How do children become soldiers Many questions have been asked repeatedly about how do children become "child soldiers". In certain parts of the world, there are many various ways used to transform innocent children in to "child soldiers". Many of them are recruited by force, but others join voluntarily because they see no other alternative than to join or because they see it as a "meal ticket" and being recognized for doing something for their country. In the novel A long way gone, written by Ishmael Beah, Forced recruitment and mainly Brainwashing is used to create these "child soldiers", which the author Ismael Beah experienced himself and suffered the numerous repercussions…show more content…
Brainwashing is the process by which a person is put through a prolonged process in order to change their thoughts pattern and behavior. One common result of this is to make them forget about their conscience and just focus on killing. According to "Child Soldiers" an article written by Mike Wessells," "Weakened psychologically and fearful of their commanders, children can become obedient killers, willing to take on the most dangerous and horrifying assignments"(2). This quote declares that children are easily manipulated into becoming horrendous assassins even if their minds are not completely with the idea of committing murder. Similarly, Ishmael Beah, in his memoir of a boy soldier, notes how he became a completely different person. In the novel he stated, "Over and over in our training he would say that same sentence: Visualize the enemy, the rebels who killed your parents, your family, and those who are responsible for everything that has happened to you" and "when he said this, we all got angry and drove our knives in and out of the banana trees until they fell to the ground" (112) These two quotes prove that brainwashing destroyed his memory of childhood and also reconstructed it because it's now conspicuous that he's fallen into the trap of becoming a total different person, a killer. Thus, brainwashing is used to remodel children into child soldiers and…show more content…
Military commanders use proven tactics to produce unquestioning obedience in these wistful children while transforming them into killers. In the novel a long way gone, one notes how Ishmael Beah and the other soldiers were brainwashed by repetition by their lieutenant and how they were physically abused by senior soldiers. Being forced into the army created an excessive amount of negative impacts on Ishmael and changed his life drastically. Clearly, children can be altered into "child soldiers" by using brainwashing, forced recruitment, drugs and physical abuse. Can you imagine yourself in that same position as those soldiers and how your life would change based on the series of events you would

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