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Child Soldiers Dear , OSU Students "More than 6,000 child soldiers may now be involved in the conflict in the Central African Republic (Car)" (UN News Centre). The world has many issues, yet no one seems to be aware of the problems in our surroundings. Some people are informed with the problems around the world and are actually doing something about it. Not everyone can help, but it only takes one person take action, which can make a huge difference. When researching about Child soldiers, I learned a lot about how children mostly in Africa are chosen to have a life with war, whether they like it or not. Some may choose it, but that is only because they are convinced that that’s their only choice. I am reaching out to students here at Oregon State University, so they can be aware of all the harm that is going on the other side of the world. Mainly focusing on making child soldiers in Africa be known more. I am against this issue of having children become child soldiers, the reason for it is because they are children that should be living their childhood, not an adult hood, and do actions that they shouldn't be doing. A way that people can know about what's going on is by previewing a glimpse of the background, letting them know who's at stake with this issue. Have them know of the organizations that are trying to make a difference, and allowing OSU Students to get involved with this issue. When people hear child soldiers, the main image that comes to their heads is children holding guns like AK-47's or going into house to recruit other children. Child Soldiers have been seen in conflict since the Ancient Greece years. Children of mostly all ages have been recruited to become members of war, child soldiers are mostly associated with countries in Africa, and what they do is exploit children, whom are as young as seven years old. The use of child

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