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Child Soldier Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on May 5, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah and Innocent Voices by Oscar Torres both protagonist will agree that war is gruesome but even more horrible about war is when children of any age has to witness it and there are some cases, such as these, where children are forced to be a part of the a war they did not commit or start. In both stories the audience is able to differences’ as well as similarities’, each having its own logical, emotional and personal effect on the protagonist. Each story may have been written in a different countries but they both successfully showed how the effects of war and how war changes not only the people around but their circumstances; no matter what age or race.  
Logically, both protagonist: Oscar Torres (Chava) from Innocent Voices and Ishmael Beah from A Long Way Gone connect from the start because they both from the beginning they thought the war would be over in a matter of months. They also thought that the war would probably never reach their village an that they would be with their families, no matter what would happen during the war or predicament at that time. Logically they both during that time knew that if they do not do something about their situation then they would probably end up dead, so they both would decide to join a militia by choice but in reality they were set up in a situation where they really had no choice but to choose one that they thought would protect them but either militia they choice to join they would have to fight; maybe even to the death. Both Oscar and Ishmael have a logical understanding that in order for people to listen and understand that these predicaments of war should be avoided because it effects children and the people who used to be their neighbors’. Both present a year and country in which these setting happened sure some parts might be exaggerated but what is true is what they went through. They want people to realize and comprehend in an intellectual level that situations like this can be...

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