Child Psychology Essay

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Child Psychology Technique: Case Study Introduction: To follow up on a family report on the concerns about the welfare of a family, that was brought to my attention. To assess the family’s welfare and living environmental needs. What actions will have to be taken, and how to implement these without causing any undue stress to the family as a whole. Consisting of a family of seven, father, mother and their five children, two boys aged 13 and Joe 6, three girls Mary aged 12, a 2years old and a six month old baby. The Report outlines the hardships they are going through:  Mother has been suffering from depression from the time of the birth of her third child Joe now aged 6. She is finding that everyday tasks are a struggle. Thus making her incapable of understanding the strain her family is going through mentally and emotionally.  Father works away a lot and does not spend much time with the family. He is a salesman and is constantly worried about losing his job. When he is at home he either spends time on his laptop working or in bed watching television or spends more time with the boys, and none with the girls. He does not show much patience with his wife or Mary and fights a lot with them. He does not encourage Mary to pursue her own interests as he expects her to help her mother do the chores around the house and taking care of the younger siblings.  Robert is the eldest aged 13 he is showing signs of being a bully towards Mary. eg; the father bought a second hand computer for the family, he wanted Robert to use it for homework and socializing. Mary at times wants to use the computer but is blackmailed by Robert who says he owns it and makes her do work for him in return for using the computer.  Mary is described as a 12 year old girl who has taken over the role of a

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