Child Psychology Essay

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The physical and psychological needs of a child are undoubtedly two major components which together form the foundation of a child’s development. This essay will explain how they influence and impact on the development of a three year old child and what is necessary to ensure that these needs are met. It will look at how the physical environment and sensitive adult intervention can enable a child to grow and develop into confident, healthy and sociable adults. Development and progress from birth to three is extremely rapid and learning at this informative age will be most effective when we understand how best to meet both these needs. Carers to young children need to recognise the responsibility in meeting the physical and emotional needs of the children in their care. It is also important to understand the current legislation in place that supports the child’s right to have these needs met. Children of this age have the right to be healthy, feel safe, secure and be cared for by adults that they can trust and rely upon. We will look at how environments and relationships work in conjunction with our provision and practice together allowing a child to reach their full potential. Physical development needs are those necessary for survival, growth and development, they will affect all aspects of development. A three year should be well cared for, well-nourished and physically fit and beginning to understand how to be safe. They will also have growing independence but still need adequate support, teaching and encouragement to be able to attain this. It is imperative that in these informative years a child is educated in the importance of physical activity, rest, hygiene, health, safety and how to make healthy food choices. The time and opportunity to develop these skills in a safe, secure and healthy environment is also essential. To enable a child to develop

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