Child Pshchology Essay

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Reading chapter ten helped me on my own communication skills. I'm getting married next weekend May 16th and a wedding alone can cause stress on someone. Now add school and work on top of already planning a wedding its stressful and sometimes I forget how to approach things. Being able to have good communication seemed hard for me at first until I read chapter ten. On page 311 in our Benokraitis it talks about scapegoating. Scapegoating is another way of avoiding honest communication about a problem and blaming others. When it came time to start planning the wedding everyone was trying to tell me what I need and I just did it their way without expressing what I wanted. After reading page 331 I decided to be open and honest with my communication and tell everyone what I wanted and it works. If I have a issue with something I confront my problem right away so the other knows and we can start working on it. Displaced rage, unbridled attacks, and physical aggression aren't normal ways of handling conflict. On the other hand, denying the existence of conflict can destroy a relationship. Couples who confront their problems may be unhappy in the short term but will have a better relationship in the long run. Otherwise, the anger and bitterness will fester. Some other things that I do that helps with good communication is I ask for information, I don't generalize, stay focused on the issues, keep specific, try to keep everything honest, make things kind, express appreciation, use nonverbal communication and listen. If someone has complaints address the issue. Don't be defensive, find out why they are upset. Don't bring up past events and old grudges. If you’re discussing spending habits focus on the items that were purchased recently. Thanking your part new for something he or she has done will enhance both the discussion and the relationship. (Pages 314 and 315)

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