Child Protective Services Involvement in Families: Does It Help or Hurt?

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Monica Allen-Nelson Professor Judy Hatcher Advance Writing 3037 2 April 2014 Child Protective Services involvement in Families: Does it Help or Hurt? Every day, the health, safety and trust of children around the world is threatened by child abuse and neglect. While many are from low socioeconomic homes, some are from high socioeconomic homes also. The old African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" has been thrown by the wayside. (It take a village, web) The community that have had its share of child abuse and neglect has a moral and legal obligation to promote the safety and welfare of all children, which includes making sure Children Protective Services involvement in families is vital and constant. CPS must be able to monitor those children most at risk for being abused or neglected regardless if the children are from low or high socioeconomic homes, but if we look deeper into CPS involvement in families we ask the question, Is CPS involvement helping or hurting the same families that they were committed to serving? The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services policy states the purpose of the Child Protective Services (CPS) Program is to protect children and to act in the children's best interest. Through the program, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) focuses on children and their families and seeks active involvement of the children's parents and other family members to solve problems that lead to abuse or neglect. (1000 Organization, pg. 11) The Program objectives are to: 1. Prevent further harm to the child and to keep the child with his family when possible. If this goal is not attained, DFPS considers removal of the child from the family and placement with substitute families or caretakers. 2. Provide permanence for a child in substitute care by resolving family dysfunction and returning the

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