Child Protective Services Essay

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child protective services protocol pdf. Introduction Whenever a representative of a government agency investigating suspected child abuse or neglect (Law Enforcement) or the State Department of Social Services (Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS)/ Child Protective Services) deems it necessary, a suspected victim of child abuse or neglect may be interviewed during school hours, on school premises, concerning a report of suspected child abuse or neglect that occurred within the child’s home or out-of-home care facility.(Penal Code 11174.3) A CPS representative may also need to access educational records of a court dependent child for the purpose of obtaining educational information necessary to complete the child’s Health and Education Passport. This protocol describes the basic procedural guidelines by which a law enforcement officer or DPSS/CPS representative may access a child at a school site and/or how a CPS representative may retrieve a court dependent child’s school record. Parties This procedural protocol and operational agreement is between the following parties: • The Riverside County Office of Education • The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services • The School Districts of Riverside County • Law Enforcement agencies within Riverside County Interviewing Children on School Premises Penal codes 11174.3 and 11167.5 specify procedures and policy for interviewing children who are suspected victims of child abuse, on school premises, concerning a report of suspected child abuse, which occurred in the child’s home or in an out-of-home care facility. The child shall be afforded the option of being interviewed in private or selecting any adult who is a member of the staff of the school, including any certificated or classified
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