Child Protected Services Essay

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Child Protective Services Ninysha Horton Kaplan University CM107 Professor Gina Cappello July 15, 2013 Child Protective Services For over 30 years Child Protective Services, and advocates have tried to help with getting more reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. The purpose of Child Protective Services is to investigate and report any acts of child abuse and neglect among children, also to offer services to families and children where maltreatment has occurred. Their main focus is the care of children. Making sure that children are safe from any type of danger. Child Protective Service case workers must be aware of their responsibilities to the child and parent when overseeing a case. When conducting an Effective Initial Assessment or Investigation, both the parent and child will be present while interviewing. Carefully listening to both, what the child is saying, and what the parents are saying, making sure what is being said is understandable. Also making sure the parents understand the allegations that they are being accused of. While doing the Initial Assessment or Investigation, you will have to gather and organize all the information that was said from both parties, and come up with an accurate conclusion. Answering critical questions that will then decide if the child should be taken out of their parents care. Making a Substantiating decision will determine if the child was severely harmed that it would be considered maltreatment, and reassuring that enough evidence and information was given to form a case against the child’s parents for child maltreatment. If Child Protective Services determines that maltreatment has taken place, they will more likely place the child in the care of a relative and go through a family assessment. Working with families to help identify the strengths that will encourage changing the
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