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Child Observation Assignment Two Year Old Room Ration 1 teacher to 6 children Section II: Description of Child and Observation Setting Male 2 years 6 months, observation Section III: Section III: Anecdotal or Running Record As I enter the room “Sam” is sitting on the floor with 3 of his friends playing with a car. He pushes the car around the room as his friends follow and they pretend to have a car accident. Sam laughs! The teacher asks Sam to start picking up for snack. Sam says “Ok” and then begins to pick up the car and all the toys around him. He puts the car in the box marked cars and then takes dishes back to the kitchen center. He walks over to a group of his friends and helps them pick up the block center. He walks a couple of book back to the book center as they are in the wrong center. Sam is done helping his friends so he grabs a seat at the table and his folds his hands and waits for his snack. Sam receives his snack, says grace, and begins to eat his snack. Sam is eating cheese and crackers and apple juice. When he is all done with his snack, Sam picks up his garbage and walk it over to the trash can. He throws everything away. He walks up to the teachers and asks if he says that he has to go to the bathroom. Sam is potty trained. After he is all done in the bathroom, he washes his hand and throws away his paper towel. Sam then grabs a circle and has a seat on the floor and waits for circle time to begin. He looks around at his friends, down at his hands, plays with his shoelaces and then looks back at his hands. When circle time starts Sam listens to his teacher read a book “One fish two fish, red fish blue fish.” He seems really interested in this book, he hasn't taken his eye off the teacher. When his teacher is done ready, she asked everyone in the class what was there favorite part of the story, when it was sam's turn to

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