Child Obesity Essay

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Carbonated beverages such as fizzy drinks and energy drinks have now become a part of our youngsters life. With this unhealthy habits, school age children are at a risk of developing multitude health conditions such as child obesity and diabetes in both long and short term. Child obesity is evident in New Zealand. According to the New Zealand Health Survey, the results show that about 31% of New Zealand children between 2 years and 14 years old are either overweight (21%) or obese (10%). The child obesity rate has increased from 8% in 2006/07 to 10% in 2011/12. Children who are obese are more likely to become obese adults, and this likelihood increases the more obese a child is. Obesity in adults is known to lead to both chronic and severe medical problems, such as heart disease, type II diabetes. It is estimated about 16,000 people in Nz have type 1 diabetes. It is usually diagnosed in children ages 7-12 years, but it can occur at any age. However these diseases can leave severe adverse health consequences such as affecting children’s life expectancy thus proper healthy habits must be encouraged at homes to deplete these consequences in school age children. References : Controller and Auditor-General. (2013). Part3 : Child obesity-some facts. Retrieved from : (Eds). (2011). What is type 1 diabetes. Retrieved from

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