Child Obesity Essay

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One serious problem faced by families in the western World is child obesity, which can have detrimental effects on children’s physical and psychological health. What are the causes of this phenomenon and what can be done to tackle it? Give examples to illustrate your point of view. Nowadays, childhood obesity constitutes an alarming phenomenon which is on the increase due to our contemporary way of life. Chubbiness in children can have several negative physical and psychological implications. Therefore it is urgent that we identify the causes of the problem in order to deal with it effectively. To begin with, the modern lifestyle prevents young people from developing healthy diet and exercise habits. Firstly, youngsters are prone to consume too many sugary drinks and poor-quality, high-calorie foods because they are so easily available in super markets and schools canteens. In addition, low nutrition snacks and fatty foods are heavily advertised through a variety of media targeting young kids and teenagers mostly. In exacerbation to the situation, children lead a sedentary mode of life which is deprived of regular and quality physical activity. For example, they would rather shut themselves in individualistic passive activities such as television viewing and computer games than take up a sport. As a consequence, preventive steps should be taken in order to control the increasing rate of over heaviness in children. In the first place, school and other educational institutions should encourage healthy eating and fitness habits in young people. For instance, seminars at school and workshops organised locally should try to educate parents and kids in making healthy lifestyle choices. Furthermore, state authorities should take action to limit the advertising and marketing of junk food while at the same time provide the means and the ways so

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