Child Obesity Essay

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Miriam Castillo English 1102 April 26, 2012 Seffrin Child Obesity As the years have pass, the United States of America has had an increase on child obesity. Today the United States is ranked number one from all other countries having the most child obesity like the article states, “The United States is experiencing levels of child overweight and obesity that are among the highest recorded in any country in the world”(Lobstein).There has not been a change but just an increase on the topic. So why aren’t we doing anything about that as citizens of America? The children of today are the future of tomorrow, so why would we let them grow up with an unhealthy life? There should be an action to stop this and to have a decrease on child obesity. Child obesity is starting at a very young age, and is leading to adulthood obesity. Child obesity is defines Child obesity has many factors that contribute to it. It starts within the household, and then school has a part on it, and finally society. Children always represent their parents or whoever takes care of them in their household. Many times the parents or guardian of the child gets judge by how the child acts outside of their home. With that being said, we can apply that to a child health. If the parent is obese more than like the child will be obese as well. At a very young age kids don’t prepare their own food and eat whatever their parents have cooked for them. This leaves the responsibility of the parent or guardian to feed their kids healthy. If the parents or guardian are not taking care of their health it affects the child tremendously and can lead to child obesity. The children are innocent in this aspect especially if they are in elementary school. An article states, “..parent obesity was another strong predictor of child obesity”(Fogelholm). This article simple states that if the parent is obesity

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