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Child Obesity The obesity epidemic is one of the biggest medical threats in the country and where the waistlines are growing tremendously in the country and especially the cases of child obesity are increasing as well. Recently a study was published in the Journal Pediatrics. The study indicated some strange facts about the child obesity in USA. The child obesity cases are increasing in the country due to the “changing lifestyles” especially the diet routines of the child. One of the functional perspective in the obesity in children is the feeding practices to the infants and the over feeding of food or breast milk is big factor which contributes towards child obesity. The Latino mothers tend to feed their children “extra” amount of cereal and milk as compared to white and black mothers in the country. The latent or unintentional function as a contributor to child obesity is the amount of breast feeding to the children .The Latino mother’s breastfeed their children more than the white and black women as the Latino mothers breastfeed their children upto 63% of the required amount as compared to the 40% of white and 23% of the black women. When it comes to the manifest or intentional function or contributor towards the child obesity it is the habit of watching the TV while breastfeeding the child. The 73 % African American mothers watch the TV while breastfeeding but this ratio is decreased upto 60% o for the white mothers and 63% of the Latino mothers. One more latent function of the child obesity is the use of “high calories and high fat food” as the children from age 5 to 15 are more inclined towards the junk food. (Karnik, S., & Kanekar, A. 2012). Worrying facts about child obesity * For last three decades as the rate of child obesity has increased in the country. * In 1980 only 7% of the children in the country were obese but now this tally

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