Child Obesity Essay

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Child Obesity Pepsi, coca cola, taco bell, McDonalds, and many others are all common logos representing food. Predictably, the youth of America consume these products. However, does anyone ever look at the harms it causes? Child obesity is increasingly becoming a problem in the US today. More than 33% of all children in America suffer from child obesity. Child obesity is mainly caused by unhealthy diets of junk food, and lack of activity. This may include hot pockets, potato chips, or even fat-filled greasy burgers. It can also be a result of the lack of exercise in a child’s life. One possible reason for fat kids is big factories that fill junk into their minds and soul. This can be from advertising various junk foods that appeal to the every-day fat child. These companies will do anything to get kids hooked onto their fat-filled products. Another possible reason for obesity in a child may be human influences. Some children are raised by their parents from birth with unhealthy diets. Research shows that over half of obese children also have overweight parents. Overall, child obesity is a problem today and may be from junk food, companies, or just natural. There have been several solutions which society-degrading idiotic people have taken to solve child obesity. Some have used iconic characters to infiltrate the minds of children. Changing the cookie monster to the vegetable monster is of the uttermost stupidity. This is not only inhuman, but destroys an icon of decades of entertainment. Others have gone a more feasible path to solve the problem. Nutrition departments, especially in Hemet, have changed foods according to standards of nutrition. It’s disgusting. There is no way that oily, greasy pizza is served, and at the same time these departments take away chocolate milk at breakfast every day. If food is made healthier, but is

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