Child Obesity Essay

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Health Defects of Child Obesity English Composition II March 1, 2012 Health Defects Of Child Obesity Obesity today has grown to be a major epidemic in our society. Learning about obesity and how it effects us as we grow into adult hood can involve many implications. As you read you are going to learn the health situations that could affect a child later in life and will give you the opportunity on how you could help other children with obesity. Giving children the proper guidance may prevent them from later on developing a major health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Providing education and guidance in avoiding obesity can help decrease the risk of life threatening illnesses. As we look at the major epidemic in today's society, especially in children, everywhere we go we have no trouble in finding a child that is considered to be obese. When we all see these children we see that unless they get there eating habits under control they are going to continue staying overweight. If we were to search the internet on obesity we would find many risk factors and concerns that children could establish. As you read you will learn some of the health concerns that our children can receive as they grow into adulthood. According to the Surgeon General, Richard H. Carmona in 2003 stated, “more than 300,000 Americans will die from illnesses related to overweight and obesity.” Children with an obesity problem can have many implications as they grow into adulthood. One of the concerns is the healthcare cost and the hospitalization that is involved with obesity. As a obese child and the health concerns that will effect them as they grow into adulthood and remain obese they are going to run into medications that is needed to help stay as healthy as possible to prevent other health situations. Obesity is known to be a very hard disease to treat. Unless

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