Child Obesity Essay

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In recent decades, obesity has increased dramatically in the United States, tripling among children and doubling among adults. One in three children is overweight, or obese. Parents have a major influence on the well-being of their child. They contribute to the obesity affecting their child by allowing them unhealthy food and not encouraging regular activity. In today’s world both parents work, so it is often difficult to plan a well balanced diet for the child. The percentage of childhood obesity is expected to raise more and more as the years go by. Few research articles hint around how the actions of parents lead to a child’s obesity. . In many homes the parents are the first ones who are overweight, and as a result, they influence their children with bad eating habits. It is important that parents understand that the choices they make can have a positive or negative effect, on their children’s life. Most of society considers childhood obesity to be an epidemic. It is a serious medical condition that has more than tripled in the past thirty years. Obese youth are at high risk for having childhood diabetes and type II diabetes. When obese children grow into obese adults they are faced with so many diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. While the cause of childhood obesity varies amongst individuals, a primary contributing factor to this is parents. Rodham Kokkonen (2009) boldly states “In the case of childhood fatness, it is the parents that are mainly held responsible for it…” (p.336). Even though childhood obesity is a serious medical condition, parents also cause childhood obesity. Parents that are not active have less active children. Experts like Josephine Frasier (2011) agree that most “children are eating what their parents eat, and following the behaviors of their parents” (p.254). Parents are major influences on kids, which to a

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