Child Labour And The Global Economy Essay

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Child labour is one of the most serious debates in the world. Quite recently, the exploitation conducted by major firms, brought big issues about entrepreneur ethics and ethical management. This is not only the problem of a few firms because the major source of using child labour comes from many of developing countries. Further discussions will consider whether use of child labour is a disgrace, the child labour should be banned and a boycott should be enforced on goods produced from child labour. Firstly, the continuing use of child labour is a disgrace because it harms children both mentally, physically. Secondly, child labour should not be banned because most of child labour occurs where there is an extreme poverty. Lastly, a boycott should not be enforced on goods not only because the proportion children engaged in exporting goods are small, but also it could drive children to underground economy. The fact that there are huge numbers of children exploited or harmed by child labour is a really huge dishonour to our civilisation. However, neither simply banning child labour nor posing a boycott on all goods produced by using child labour will solve the problem. Therefore, the statement of Mr. Bigmouth is not reasonable to conclude. Before moving on to further discussion, the term child labour needs to be defined first. The definition of child labour varied overtime and in various places (Mahajan 2006, p.8). The recognition of danger or seriousness of child labour depended on social norms, and the technological development as well (Mahajan 2006, p.8). According to Convention No. 138 over child labour adopted by International Labour Organization, henceforth ILO, the basic minimum age at which children can start work is 15. For those countries which its economic circumstances are not enough, the exception has been made as 14 years old. For those works such as light

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