Child Labour Essay

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Child Labour Any child under the age specified by law worldwide works fulltime, mentally or physically to earn for own survival or adding to family income, that interrupts child’s social development and education is called child labour. The most joyful phase in human life is the childhood. It is that stage of life when the human foundations are laid for a successful adult life. It is the phase when one is carefree, fun-loving, learning, playing… and for most of us, those memories are our most cherished ones. Sadly, this is not the story of all the children in the world. Yes, there are many children out there who can only dream of learning, having a care free life. They lead a desolate life, a ceaseless struggle to make both ends meet. Scared and tormented at such a young age. Some manage to escape their bleak lives and get a better life, but many continue to be where they are, not out of choice, but due to force. Almost one third of the world population comprises children. Therefore, they deserve to be cared and protected to keep up an improved posterity. They are an important component of the social structure and the potential future careers of culture. Child labour is presently the most unwanted practice as the future of everything belongs to children who are being ill treated in place of getting education. There are industries and individuals, who employee young innocent children. They make them work under grueling circumstances for long hours. There are individual households that have their own young children growing up in a cozy family environment, but they hire children as domestic help. Poverty and lack of education are the two primary reasons for the inhuman practice of child labour. Child labour is presently the most unwanted practice as the future of everything belongs to children. Child labour is a very big issue in today’s world. In

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