Child Labour Essay

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I’m writing to alarm you about the exploitation of people in the world such as India, Thailand and China e.c.t that CHILDREN have to face. Child Labour is when children work that deprives them of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. The exploitation jobs are things like fixing shoes, making footballs, making paper bags for grocery shops, making clothes in factories around dangerous equipment, domestic work, farming, manufacture, mining, soldiering and trafficking. Child labour now people think it’s only in LEDC countries but the illegal person who’s making the poor children pay bring them here to do things such as make and sell food this is known as street child labour. Now street child labour: While many children work to support their families, many are alone or in company of other children in self-sustaining street environments. These children can and will vary the tasks and troubles to find everyday necessities. Just by living in the streets of a large city brings these children so many dangers and obstacles that range from being battered and abused to getting killed. The highly debated and difficult to calculate population of 100 million children are estimated to be living in the streets of the world. To survive in the mean streets many youngsters have turned to finding and selling scrap metal, used clothing or fruit, car washing, parking cars and escorting elderly or blind adults. Under these circumstances schooling becomes almost impossible (though with many emerging programs there are opportunities for some). Children as young as 5 or 6 had SOMETIMES get dragged to the country where the owner lives and they make them clean things such as glasses because they got little fingers to stick the glasses in to and work in factories. Innocent children are often very unwell and the cramped, tight

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