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CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA What is Child Labour? Child labour is the practice of having children engage in economic activity, on part or full-time basis. The practice deprives children of their childhood, and is harmful to their physical and mental development. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of informal economy are considered as the important causes of child labour in India. The 2001 national census of India estimated the total number of child labour, aged 5–14, to be at 12.6 million, out of which, about 12 million children in India were in a hazardous. Causes leading to Child Labour. | | * Poverty * Parental illiteracy * Tradition of making children learn the family skills * Absence of universal compulsory Primary education * Social apathy and tolerance of child labour * Ignorance of the parents about the adverse consequences of Child labour * Ineffective enforcement of the legal provisions pertaining to child labour * Non-availability of and non-accessibility to schools * Irrelevant and non-attractive school curriculum * Employers prefer children as they constitute cheap labour and they are not able to organize themselves against exploitation.Child labour LawsAfter its independence from colonial rule, India has passed a number of constitutional protections and laws on child labour.The Constitution of India in the Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy prohibits child labour below the age of 14 years in any factory or mine or castle or engaged in any other hazardous employment (Article 24). The constitution also envisioned that India shall, by 1960, provide infrastructure and resources for free and compulsory education to all children of the age six to 14 years. (Article 21-A and Article 45).India has a federal form of government, and child labour is a matter on which both the central government and

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