Child Labour Essay

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Labour, which is an essential resource to the society, plays a significant role in the production of goods and services in the economy, and child labour exists as an important component of labour force. While, when it comes to child labour, it is common to observe that the general public expresses sympathy for children who are employed to work and the ceaseless employment of child labour is regarded as a shame. It is stated that child labour should be banned when taking children’s benefits into consideration. Meanwhile, suggestions as implementing policies to reduce child labour are offered. The boycott on the products produced by children is included in the proposed suggestions, but it is not convincing enough that accepting the method is appropriate. “The continuing use of child labour is a disgrace” People’s views on child labour can vary from person to person; generally, employers are expected to be ashamed of their hiring the children as child labour. It is well known that childhood is of vital importance for children as they have the ability to quickly obtain indispensable skills during the time. Besides, children are growing and the burden from heavy work might affect their healthy growth. It seems unwise to sacrifice the children’s future benefits to attain the immediate interests. “Child labour should be banned” It is proper to ban child labour in the interests of children after analyzing the “substitution axiom”, “subsistence consumption” and “intergenerational dynamics of child labour” which are advanced by Basu and Tzannatos (2003), and it is necessary to use the supply and demand analysis to help draw this conclusion. Considering about the substitution axiom, the ban on child labour brings benefits to both children and adults. In the substitution axiom, it is stated that adult labour and child labour are recognized as substitutes (Basu &

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