Child Labour Essay

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Child Labour Child is known as the man, citizen of tomorrow and continuity of human race. Childhood is the time where we gain the best physical, intellectual and emotional capacity to fulfill the duty to be a good citizen towards the nation and for own self. If one conceives the idea of child labour, it brings before the eyes the picture of exploitation of little, physically tender, illiterate and under-nourished children working in hazardous and unhealthy conditions. Millions of children between the age of five and fourteen work in developing countries. Most of these children work on a full-time basis. International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated it at 23.2 million 1996. Both estimates include full-time and marginal child workers. Most working children in rural areas are found in agriculture; many work as domestic labourers. Denied education and a normal childhood, some children, confined and beaten, are often reduced to slavery. Child agricultural workers frequently work for long hours in the heat working in factories often work near hot furnaces, handle hazardous chemicals like arsenic and potassium, work in glass blowing units where the work harms their lungs. asthma and bronchitis. Some are injured in fire accidents. They become unemployable at the age of 20. The prevalence of child labour is a slap on the conscience of society. The origin of the problem of child labour can be traced to illiteracy, poverty, inequality, population explosion, etc. The root cause lies in the economic insecurity of families that results from job loss, natural calamities, and sickness of parents in poor families that are often in debt and have no savings. Hence, poor children are hired, exploited and made to work and produce goods like carpets. The government says that it is not easy to completely end child labour. It has only tried to improve their working conditions by

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