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Child Labour Essay

  • Submitted by: wolfram0514
  • on October 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Child Labour: Its Causes, Effects and Organizations to Terminate It
Kimberly Kates Efondo

WHO amongst you here wants to have children in the future? Kindly raise your right hand. [Look into the eyes of the audiences. Of course, wait for them to answer before moving on.] I know this question comes to you early but there are no right and wrong answers here. I, too, want to have [Do the quote thingy.] sons and [Do the quote thingy.] daughters in the future. I want them to enjoy all the simplest, craziest and funniest things a child can enjoy – for instances, to play [Show picture.], to learn [Show picture.] and to sing [Show picture.] – like I did when I was young.

However, coming from a developing country myself, I know that not all children achieved these “hopes” of mine. Imagine your younger brothers and/or sisters, cousins, relatives, friends and even yourself at this circumstance [Show picture.] or this [Show picture.], or this [Show picture.] and lastly, I want you to watch this video intently and open your eyes to one of the world’s disease, Child Labour. [Show video.]

It’s refreshing to know that a huge number of children are going back to being, well, children. However, the first step we can do to help eliminate child labour is to be aware of it and its causes, effects and some of the organizations we can join in the future.

WHEN I was as small as this [Do hand gesture for small.], I went to school, play with other kids, and enjoy life as it is. I didn’t need to think about our family problems or to work, except for house chores. I hate them. Anyway, when I saw these children back, in the Philippines, selling sampaguita necklaces, picking cans and bottles to sell, and even washing windows of various cars in the street, I realised how fortunate I am that my parents allowed me to play and study. I knew of the existence of child labour but I didn’t know how it was that enormous until that day my sister shared with me their social studies lesson...

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