Child Labour Essay

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Super test assignment – I (For chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) You must have read all the stories and poems till now! Now here’s an interesting exercise to test your interest in these. Grammar exercise is also included! So, have fun with this. This time the test is not carrying any points to be given. *Literature Fill in with correct answers The two best friends were ________ and _______. First trip was to __________. ________ was now ice. A man named _________ changed the tire of the bus. Ankur said _______ to Aman when there was no place to sit in the bus. _________ praised us. A child was having_______________ and ____________ to save Aman. They received honor from___________________. A best friend is like a ___________. A ___________ friend is like a treasure. Second trip was to____________________. ____________ created a lot of misunderstandings between the two. __________ is the name of Ankur’s mother. ________ and _________ enjoyed the second trip. ________________ is the moral related to the prevention from an evil body. A friend is as warm as the________. A friend should be like___________. The third trip was to ____________. Aman and Ankur were absent during the third trip because of ___________. ___________ was going to be married in few days. __________ has again joined the school. Marti gave a proposal to _______________________________________. ______________________________________ are the name of the students in Marti’s group. • 38 Friendship doesn’t requires __________. Friendship, if broken once, never meet and their friendship becomes________. A friend should be protected like a _________. Short and Long Questions Describe the venue of the first trip/ Describe the incident,

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