Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Katherine Morales November 30, 2009 American Studies 2 Final/ 1st draft In modern America our government enforces many laws and regulations to protect the rights of all types of laborers excluding children. Today child labor is considered a violation of human rights and it is not tolerated, but the situation was not always the same. When the industrial revolution spread there was an increase in job opportunities. Families moved into the cities in search of a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, poor families were forced to send their children to work. Although the majority of people were against child labor and maltreatment nobody did anything to prevent this from happening. With this in my mind I find the need to ask myself, why was child labor tolerated? During the Industrial Revolution, the children of the families who moved to the crowded cities had their work situation go from bad to worse. “Industrialization caused their families to move from farms and home workshops into urban areas and factory work” ( Learning through History). Living in an urban environment required a lot of money to be spent and families that were recently getting accommodated to the urban environment did not have enough money to support a whole family. Thus, they were forced to send their children to work because “families relied upon child labor in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities”(Learning through History). Since job opportunities for adults were limited and child labor was at its peak it was not be easy for parents to support the whole family without any aid from their children. I believe that the financial necessity that families faced influenced parents to send their children to work. The parents encountered an ethical dilemma. If they chose to prevent their children from laboring then they wouldn’t be able to

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