Child Labor Essay

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In Vietnam there are plenty of factories, and industries. Plenty of them hire kids under the age of eighteen, and they work more than they can handle. Child labor is a big thing happening in Vietnam right now, but the primary causes for it was that there was low wages, non enforced laws, and lack of education. The first cause of child labor in Vietnam was the perspective of economy is that there was low wages given to the children’s. For example, in this source it states, “Kids work longer hours than many men and women, but receive much less pay” (Rossi, IHS Child Slave Labor News). This shows that children’s are not getting the right amount of pay for all their hard work. This also explains that children’s don’t really care about their pay rate, as long as they are getting paid. Another example is from a Vietnam news article, “The use of under-age laborers is prevalent among some local employers who want to save costs and have more control over their employees” (Nguyen, Eyes on Vietnam). This shows that employers aren’t treating children’s fair and just taking advantage of them because they are young, and they don’t know much. This is also explaining that since these children’s are working for lower wages, it’s easier for the employer to boss them around. Furthermore, in the story “Anh Tien” by Martin Calkins it says, “Anh pushed herself to become a steady employee six days a week. She worked seven days when times were particularly tight back home. Her $2dollar-a-day wage could buy her food or medicine for her grandmother.” This explains that children’s in Vietnam are working so hard, but they aren’t getting enough of a reward for all their hard work. This also explains that the money that these kids are working for are only enough to support their families, not enough to live off of. Another reason for the cause of child labor in Vietnam is that there wasn’t

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