Child Labor Essay

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Stimulates dramatic expression and provides an outlet whereby young people can express themselves in a powerful and meaningful way. Creates a strong platform for community integration and awareness-raising. Aim: Develop and perform a theatre piece on child labour. Note for the user This module is a perfect complement to the Image, Role-play and Creative Writing modules. It builds on what the group has learned through the emotional process they underwent in the Image, the introduction to literary expression in Creative Writing, and their preparation for acting and performing in Role-play. It is not recommended that you use this module too early on nor before implementing those three crucial modules. In some countries, adolescents, particularly boys, find it difficult to overcome peer pressure and concerns about their self-image especially when they have never worked in drama before. You must be very aware of these psychological barriers and help dismantle them slowly and sensitively. This is helped by using imagery first to get young people to personalize the child labour issue and then creative writing to help them express their emotions. Elicit the support of your group – do not demand it.SCREAM Stop Child Labour Motivation Research has shown that the developmental and learning power of drama lies in the nature of dramatic experience. By following the path below, young people come to new perceptions about life and about themselves: [pic] surrendering to the fiction; [pic] projecting themselves imaginatively into a situation; [pic] “knowing and living” the circumstances, dilemmas, choices and actions of fictitious characters, and their consequences; [pic] playing all this back through their own personalities. The essence of drama is the making of a story through enactment. The building of a story will lead to the development of a

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