Child Labor Essay

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My Majesty, I would like to present myself to you. My name is Joseph Read and I have a request for you. I know what I’m about to saw may lead to me ending up in jail but I must stand for the rights of the people. Your Highness you probably have never seen the dangerous work all the labor workers do. They get paid very less money but work more than 18 hours a day, which adds up to 64 hours a week in summer and 52 hours a week in the winter. These are the hours for the labor workers but for the domestic servants work hours are up to 80 hours a week. Since the pay for these labors is less, the men end up having all their family members working with them. Some kids worked on the streets selling cheap goods like shoe blacks, matches, and flowers. Some kids were crossing sweepers, where their job was to point where someone could cross. Other kids worked as apprentices to respectable trades, such as building, or as domestic servants. As for right now there are over 100,000 domestic servants. Most girls that were very young around ages 15 to 22 years have become prostitute because they need money for their families. Because of the low wages, most of the children of the poor do not attend school and the rate of kids going to school in Manchester is only like 20%. This includes, only the rich kids or the kids whose parents could afford them any schooling. A lot of the kids are used in doing labor in mines and in factories, they go in place adult’s couldn’t and retrieving cotton, gold coal, etc. Many adults that did labor has young kids are dying at a very early age. Many of the adults that are alive are having minor diseases but could take their lives. The diseases include having problem with their breathing; discs on their spines are a moving a lot, which causes them a lot of pain. I have done some more research by going to a lot of the factories in Manchester and I also

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