Child Labor Essay

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Child Caitlin Faucett 11/1/11 Child Labor Essay The thought of children working hours on end for pay that will barely support their stomachs for the week is heart wrenching. How can adults put youth in a situation of this degree? I can’t answer that, but I know for a fact that it’s wrong. I read an article called, “Child Slave Labor in the Philippines” on 10/31/11 found on (full bibliography at top of attached article,) and it reminded me a lot of the black slaves that were forced to work pre, during, and post reconstruction. It turns out; the Philippines are a brutal place to grow up when your family doesn’t have a lot of money, especially when a third of the population is between the ages of five and seventeen. A great deal of the United States is ignorant about the topic of modern slaves, although it is an extremely valid issue, and needs to be publicized. So you might be wondering…what exactly IS child labor? “Child slave labor refers to the illegal employment of children below 18 years of age in hazardous occupations.” In the last week, 2.85 million kids between the ages of five and seventeen worked in the Philippines, half of them being between the ages of five and fourteen. One of the most common jobs for children in the Philippines is fishing. “The company said we’d be paid at the end of the 10 month contract. Our food was deducted from our salary. We were treated like animals and when we made mistakes, we were whipped and beaten.” This is the voice of a 14 year old boy who ran away to make money, never even thinking twice of what he might be getting himself into. He tells ELAC (Environmental Legal Assistance Center) of the miserable life he was forced to walk for 10 months, torment and fatality often following not far behind. Often time, the guys behind child labor never get the legal credit for it.

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