Child Discipline Essay

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Amanda Rathbun English 101 Topic: Pros/Cons of Child Discipline Audience: Everyone, but mostly parents Purpose: To explain both sides of the argument Ethos: I feel that physical punishment is okay as long as it doesn’t lead to abuse. Child discipline is one of the biggest problems that parent’s face every day. They ask themselves, “Was I ever to harsh?” “Did I do the right thing by spanking my child?” or “Am I being too easy on my child?” Parents should start disciplining their child at the beginning. Studies have reported that infants respond to the sounds of the human voice. When it comes down to child discipline many parents tend to over think the whole idea. They think that discipline results in child abuse which in most cases it does not. They also believe that discipline is the same thing as punishment. Most people in our society believe that child discipline is okay if it used in the correct form. I believe that child discipline should be used every day depending on the situation and as long as it does not lead to abuse. Studies have shown that spanking, a form of physical punishment, only works on children between the ages two and six year olds performed with other punishments for example, time outs. When a child becomes out of control it is okay to spank your child. Spanking teaches children that it is OK to hit when they are angry. Mothers who combined research with negative consequences had the most success in changing negative behaviors. The purpose of teaching your child discipline is to show them appropriate behavior when they become older. The child looks for safety and security in a parent. They need to feel that the parents are in charge of their safety net. When spanking a child it shows them what they did wrong and it expresses strong emotions. By doing this, it will help them to deal with different situations in the future. The

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