Child Development Physical Observation Essay

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Physical Observation Summary I conducted my observation during a birthday party that had at least 20 kids that were under the age of 8. I decided to observe a little girl named Maci for about an hour and a half during the party. This girl is not one of my nieces that were there, but she sure did take a liking to them. Maci was extremely mobile throughout the evening, it was a work out just trying to keep up with her moving from the cupcakes to the slide, to the juice, to the trampoline, inside to the babies, and everywhere in between! Though she is only 11 months, she was perfectly able to see what she wanted, figure out how to get there, and execute the plan that she thought of. Even though she sometimes needed help, she was able to utilize her resources fully. When she wanted to be able to get up to the trampoline, obviously she was not tall enough to climb up on top of it, but she made sure that we knew that she wanted to get up and that she wasn’t going to quit until one of us helped her get up. Another situation was when she wanted to jump on the trampoline; she was not able to keep her balance on the trampoline but she was able to let me know that she wanted to bounce so that I could help her complete what she wanted. This little girl was one of the most adventurous and kind hearted little girls that I have ever seen. For over an hour I got to catch a glimpse of her mind and what she is aspiring to do in her life. One thing I noticed is that she knows that she is little, but she also knows that she is bigger than the “baby”. From this I learned not to expect too little from young children. Though they are small and often unable to communicate their thoughts and feelings, they somehow find ways to do what they were wanting to do. Most people would see this as a weakness, but I see it as a strength. These children have so many physical barriers that they

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